Monday, 9 March 2009

Team 2 Tells Tales

I am Year 3 Teacher at Pt England School in Auckland. I became a lead teacher for the Manaiakalani cluster during 2008 when my team leader went on maternity leave. The hook our project,Team 2 Tells Tales, used for our children was digital story telling.

I selected 5 children in my class, based on their writing and oral language levels, to be in my target group. We followed the literacy cycle you can see below. Typically we started with writing stories. These children then edited their stories with me. We used iMovie to film our stories as the students read them aloud. The movies were then published on our blog. Once on our blog the wider audience were able to view them and leave comments. The children viewed their stories over and over again and reflected on themselves and on the comments they recieved.
Not every story the students wrote was published as a digital story, but they usually had one published each week.
rning is integrated into all subjects in my class. We used some of the children's eLearning work in other curriculum areas (often illustrated in Kid Pix) to create movies with voice overs to post on the blog too. Sometimes we published photos displaying our work in a bubbleshare slideshow using to show the process the students went through.

In 2009 we will continue to use digital story telling as our main hook in our literacy. I hope to use other web2 tools eg. VoiceThread. However I have a new class so that means new children to introduce to this exciting way of learning. We have renamed our blog Room 10 @ Pt England School.
Priscilla Lavakula
Pt England School

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