Friday, 6 March 2009

Tamaki Writers Group 2008

Tamaki Primary School is a Decile 1a contributing Primary School in East Auckland, New Zealand.
In 2008, we embarked on the Tamaki Primary Writers Group project as part of "Manaiakalani"( Hook From Heaven) , with the aim of extending high standards in literacy across our cluster. The project is firmly based in literacy but the "hook" for the students is an ICT component. This "hook" has involved a lot of frontloading for teachers - having to become competent in the use of many of the technology tools available today. In our case we chose a BLOG as the vehicle to give our students an authentic, world wide audience for their writing. The development of an eLiteracy Cycle has ensured that literacy has always remained at the very heart of the programme and as a result ICT - although the "hook"- does not dominate the programme. The Literacy cycle that was devised at the beginning of the project evolved throughout the whole of 2008 and has changed remarkedly from it's original form.

The 2008 programme provided the perfect opportunity to develop and nurture the literacy skills of a small group of students who had been identified through our school wide assessment (STAR and AsTTle) as the more able readers and writers within our Year 4 to 6 students.
So far the results look good and I am looking forward to watching the continued progress of these students. A HUGE plus to working within the Manaiakalani project is the fact that we have the local Intermediate and College involved - and this means we are able to identify those students who have been a part of the project and build on their skills from year to year.
In 2009 I am working with a group of 5 year olds, all of whom have just started school and are at a very early stage of their learning SO the Blog is taking on a very different look

Visit the Tamaki Primary Blockbusters and see where we are heading this year. There are also links to all the other blogs within our cluster.

Rhonda Kelly
Tamaki Primary School

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