Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Glenbrae School Podcasts

Kia Ora, my name is Joy Paton and I taught a Year 3/4 class at Glenbrae School during 2008.
Glenbrae School is a primary school in Glen Innes, Auckland and has 140 students. We are in the Manaiakalani Cluster.

Last year I was part of this very exciting initiative which involved the convergence of Literacy and 21st Century technologies. We used podcasting as the ICT tool to publish our students' work in literacy. At the start of the year we created a blogsite. Our writing and topic studies were integrated throughout the year. As part of the learning our podcasts took the form of interviews, news broadcasts, movies etc. Every student was involved and created their own podcasts. And every student had their work uploaded onto the blogsite, as I wanted to promote an inclusive learning environment.

Our aims were to: improve student academic performance in literacy; publish student work to wider audiences; promote, challenge and engage students in teaching and learning; and to promote self evaluation and reflection throughout the literacy process. As part of this process, we worked through a Literacy Cycle that includes all of these elements. The Literacy Cycle included Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening.
The blogsite was an absolute success. Students were motivated and engaged. They loved looking at themselves on the blogsite and always looked at ways to improve their own individual performance for the next time. And by the end of last year we had had over 3000 viewers and listeners from around the world visiting. Click here to view a student's sample of their work.
To view more about Glenbrae School, visit the school website.

This year, the blogsite has continued under the new lead teacher, Tilly Thambiran, who has joined the school in 2009. The blogsite has had a new makeover and a new name: Glenbrae School's Brilliant Bloggers

In 2009 I have moved schools and I am now teaching a Year 2 class at Panmure Bridge School, so I am still able to be a lead teacher in the Manaiakalani cluster. I have created a new project with this class and we publish our podcasts on a blog called Creative Voice.

Joy Paton
Panmure Bridge School (2009)

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