Wednesday, 10 October 2007

K12Conference Online

The K12 Online Conference starts today. The following presentation might be of interest to the ICTinEnglishNZ community ...

“Motivating student writers by fostering collaboration through tagging and aggregating” view the teaser here

The Conference Schedule is posted here along with a time converter. From here you can scan what is on offer, dates and times. While these are not always great for our time zone all presentations can be accessed when it suits you from the video podcast channel and audio podcast channel.
Please either leave a comment here or create a post if you can recommend any of the sessions.

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Sunday, 7 October 2007

Are you are learner? Do you participate? Do you take risks?

These were some of the questions we were challenged with at uLearn07 last week led by keynote speaker, Ewan McIntosh (see my conference reflection).
It was great to touch base with some of the growing ICTinEnglish community at the conference especially putting some faces to the names. This was one of the objectives for this blog, to not only learn how to blog but also why, by participating..."Anyone can know How, but you can only know Why by being In" (McIntosh, 2007).

Participation as a start can simply mean keeping up-to-date with some favourite blogs. Reading about what other educators are thinking, learning and exploring has been some of the best professional learning for me over the past year. There is so much information available it is impossible to know it all. The aim is to work smarter, not harder, by learning how to access what you want when you need it.
As mentioned in the previous post the easiest way to do this is to link to the RSS Feed in a blog using an aggregator. I have posted a selection of aggregators here.
Speaking with other bloggers, it seems the choice of aggregator is up to the individual. Many use GoogleReader and Bloglines.

I use NetVibes as I can add links to a variety of context quickly. When I mouse over the feed it displays a brief preview of updated content.
What an aggregator does is enable you to quickly view updated content on your favourite sites and only click through to them when needed.