Wednesday, 1 October 2008


I met Geoff and Phill, "The Simmonds Brothers" back in 2005 when we invited them to Auckland to speak to a group of enthusiastic educators about life, music and animation. They use a unique combination of real life stories, retold and recorded then set to their own very individual style of animation. Their most recent documation project, 'The Making of the Volunteers, the world's first animated reality series is chronicled weekly in a mash-up of documentary footage and cutting-edge animation'.

This mix really works as a medium for retelling stories and sharing 'voice'. The Simmonds share some of their films including some behind the scenes thinking on creating them. My favourite is Pearl, Florrie and the Bull.

Great to see some films by students mixing it up and has me thinking more broadly about student voice...see below from Onehunga High.


Mrs Tele'a said...

Hi Fiona

Just watched the two films you've posted on your blog. Both very interesting and fun to watch.

We have children at our school who are very keen about music and animations. These two things are almost always part of our term elearning projects.

I will definately share bits from both these movies with our students.

Miss Williams said...

Brilliant I really loved this. Will definately be looking into this type of work further. Please pass on my congratulations to to your talented students.