Sunday, 3 August 2008

Embedding video in your blog post

A response to Alison's recent comment...
"I've tried adding a couple of videos sourced from Youtube about 21st centuryteachers/kids/literacy.. on a post but had trouble embedding the codes ..any thoughts?"

I have found when embedding code in a blog post in Blogger that the software behaves itself better if I click the Edit Html button in the top right hand corner of the editing field. This turns any hyperlinks etc that you have included in your post into html. Then paste your code into the editing field and publish. I always use the edit Html button if I am embedding code for a video or another widget like slideshare, bubble share etc. It will look something like below( click image for larger view), you can see the code pasted after the initial text and that the Edit Html button has been clicked.

While on the subject of video and 21st Century teachers, I have recently posted on my cluster blog..."There are no natives here..." To engage with the technology simply to entertain without appreciating how it can be harnessed to make a difference to learning and consequently actions that are 'significant' involve development of new understandings about the technology for both teachers and students..."there are no natives here".
Michael Wesch explores these ideas and provides some useful frameworks, understandings and examples of a 21st Century teacher...well worth investing the time to listen and consider.

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