Monday, 24 January 2011

What are you reading?

March 2011 is New Zealand Book month. While I am always interested in what people are reading I am also wondering- what are you reading it on?

Having just spent the last month on holiday my reading material was strictly hard copy although not sure how long this will continue. Have also been regaled by some amusing stories from recreational readers and their iPads.

If you missed last November's e-reader discussion on the list serv  it included useful links for those exploring effective use of iPads and e-readers in schools.

New Zealand Book Month encourages Kiwis to celebrate books and reading with lots of suggestions for how people can get involved. I am not seeing a lot of obvious reference to e-readers on the website, however I am sure there is a place for things digital amongst the book month activities listed in addition to joining the Facebook page

I am currently reading Stephen Fry's  The Fry Chronicles: An Autobiography (which can be purchased in any number of formats) and return to work this week with a quote referenced from it's pages...

"Work is more fun than fun"  Noel Coward


Robyn Boz said...

I've brought myself a Kindle - pluses and minuses at first, but I am enjoying it now - find it great to read while I'm chugging away on my exercycle as I can put the font up to Largest! lol

I discovered Greg Iles over the holidays - reading 'Worth Dying For' - not my usual fare but I am enjoying it. Also read 'Holy Cow' by Sarah MacDonald she lived in India and explored the numerous faiths in the country - fun and fascinating.

Fiona Grant said...

Good skills Robyn...have you seen this?

via @EtherC Love this short video (and its message) from the Finnish Library Association

Fiona Grant said...

Just remembered there are some useful links on a previous book month post.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, what's been good reading recently for me? Hmm…rushed through the 'dragon tattoo' trilogy in great hungry gulps, read another couple by Hilary Mantel (because I loved 'Wolf Hall' so much) and am now toying with the idea of reading 'Room' [] if I can bear it….