Friday, 21 August 2009

20 Free ICT Resources for the English Classroom

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The Internet is full of free online ICT resources that can be used in English classrooms. These resources are a great way for educators to engage students, increase productivity, and promote learning. Here is a list of 20 free ICT resources to try out with your English class:

Vyew - Vyew is a free online collaboration and web conferencing tool that can be used to share and connect with students, parents, and colleagues. This site tool allows users to present, collaborate, and review information in a real-time setting.

Mikogo - Mikogo features easy-to-use desktop sharing that is a great for assisting and connecting with students, parents, and colleagues.

Wetpaint - Wetpaint offers a free way to create collaborative educational websites. Wetpaint sites can contain forums, blogs, wikis, and social networks.

Yugma - This free web conferencing tools allows you to share your desktop with up to 20 attendees. Yugma is the perfect place for connecting with students online, conferencing with parents, and holding colleague meetings.

Thinkature - Thinkature is an online virtual workspace that allows users to collaborate through instant messaging. This web app offers educators a meeting room, whiteboard, and collaborative environment for adding Internet content, drawing, chatting, and creating cards.

Stixy - This beta site makes it easy to upload and share notes, photos, documents, and lists. Once files are uploaded, users simply invite others in the group to view and edit files online.

Project2Manage - Project2Manage is a free online project manager that allows you to set reminders, post messages, assign tasks, upload files, and collaborate. This application is a great tool to keep your classroom organized and connected online.

DimDim - DimDim offers a free way for English classrooms to connect online. This easy web conferencing app allows you to share live presentations, web pages, and whiteboards.

WriteWith - This web app features group collaboration on writing projects. Through this site, students and educators can upload documents, share tasks, assign tasks, chat, and track actions.

Moodle - Educators looking to move their English classroom online should check out Moodle. This online course management system provides the tools for creating Internet courses and educational websites.

Yuuguu - Yuuguu allows instant screen sharing for web conferencing, remote support, and real-time collaboration. A free account gives users access to five-participant screen sharing.

Bookgoo - This easy-to-use web app allows users to highlight and annotate documents as they would a piece of paper. To use this web app, simply upload your content, edit, and share the finished files privately with others.

ooVoo - ooVoo makes it easy to connect with students, colleagues, and parents using video calls. With this site, educators can also send one-minute video messages, chat six ways, and send up to 5MB files at a time.

WiZiQ - This application allows educators and students to collaborate through virtual classrooms, online tests, and educational content.

Edmodo - Edmodo is a microblogging site created specifically for K-12 classrooms. With this site, educators can share timelines, assignments, grades, files, notifications, calendars, and more.

Postica - The virtual sticky notes provided by Postica offer an easy way to create and share notes, assignments, and files online. This web app can also be used with Twitter and iGoogle.

Phonevite - Phonevite is a popular, award-winning community broadcasting system that can send messages via the phone or social media. With this system, educators can send task reminders, emergency alerts, cancellations, and messages to students.

Wridea - This free web app provides a way to organize, manage, and store ideas to share. Wridea is a great way for students and teachers to brainstorm in a collaborative group.

SimplyBox - SimplyBox is a free content networking web app that offers tools for capturing and collaborating on content in web pages. Captured information can be organized into neat little boxes. The boxes can then be shared with students and colleagues for visual collaboration.

ReviewBasics - This free web allows users to upload documents, images, and videos that can be viewed by a specific group for commenting, annotating, and marking. This is a perfect way to collaborate on assignments, projects, and notes.

Guest post from education writer Karen Schweitzer. Karen is the Guide to Business School. She also writes for, site that provides accredited online college information.


Barb said...

Hi Karen.
Great post. Thanks for sharing those links. Did you know Wetpaint no longer supports educational accounts with ad free sites?

Karen Schweitzer said...

Hi Barb. Thank you for your comment. I'm really glad you found the links useful. I did know that Wetpaint no longer supports educational accounts with ad free sites. I think that is really very unfortunate. However, I do think Wetpaint is still a good resource--particularly for older students who are used to seeing ads splashed over web pages.

josh said...

Those are very good tools, however, in many cases those platforms are used just to allow the team to review the same document together in real-time and "be on the same page".
The recently launched free site does exactly that, quickly show documents to friends and colleagues.
It allows Free Web meeting and co-browsing on any document, user uploads a document and invites friends to view it with him live.
All the participants in the session see each others' drawing,
highlights, etc.