Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Stimulating interest in Literature through video

Contributed by Simon Evans
For the last twelve months there has been a small project on Youtube called Bookfighters. Five friends from around the world challenged one another to read a different book each week and share their thoughts on the same youtube channel. What resulted from this was a series of discussions around shared text.

My own response to this project was to create a youtube playlist of my own entitled ‘Book Corner’ where a variety of individuals shared their thoughts on a recent book they have enjoyed.

The same questions were asked of each participant and they are available for download.

Do you think could work with your class? 


Suzie Vesper said...

Two very interesting projects Simon! I like both 'Book fighters' and 'Book corner'. So you are clearly a book lover to set this up! I am a little bit like Dan in Book Fighters in that I have always been an avid reader but these days I tend to collapse into bed and go straight to sleep so book reading is on the decline. I am also like Carolyn in that if I go away anywhere on holiday or even flying somewhere for work, this is when the book really comes into its own. Where do you see your Book Corner channel going from here?

Simon said...

Thanks for your thoughts Suzie. I am the sort of reader who latches onto a series and never let's go. Which is fine for trilogies but if you've seen some of the otehr videos you may know I've picked up Michael Connelly recently and am now ploughing my way through all 12 titles.

Book Corner really is an as and when project. I have a couple of people lined up for interviews but with it just being spare time I'm a little over committed. I'd also love to hear from anyone who ideas about extending the range of questions to make it more 'meaty'.