Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Photographing Student Writing, Creative Commons and EduCampNZ

Image:Some rights reserved by TilarX

Over the last two weeks there have been two main threads of discussion:

David Schaumann shared and idea for Photographing Student Writing.

Just thought I'd share a spontaneous moment where ICT fitted nicely into
teaching today. My level three English class were writing paragraphs
based around a close analysis of a scene from their film study. I was
thinking about how to manage feedback, then remembered the Ipod in my

Chose three students, photographed finished paragraph, emailed it to
myself, then brought it up on the data projector to provide feedback.

Quality was reasonable, feedback was really meaningful and students now
have the possibility of immediate publication as a motivator to provide
more polished work.

The other thread was around Copyright and Creative Commons.

Also Karen Melhuish wrote a post about Educamp, with Wellington hosting their first EduCampWelly on Saturday 21st May. Check out the wiki to see what went down!

If you are interested in connecting and sharing ideas/experiences about using ICTs to enhance learning, the EduCampNZ series of events might be for you. The Educamp ‘unconference’ concept has snowballed from one event last year, to four in 2011. Be part of the movement!

There are four unconferences being held around New Zealand in the next few months (at the moment only the North Island - unless someone keen wants to get the ball rolling down South.

"EducampNZ is a user-generated 'unconference' focused on e-learning and education.We're all about growing our learning, networking, and, of course, having fun! Everyone is invited to participate in some way..."


Fiona Grant said...

Hi Claire, since you posted an EduCampNZ in Dunedin has been announced...EduCampDunners will be hosted at St Clair School, Dunedin, Saturday 27th August from 10am -3pm.

Check out all the details on the wiki

Also Karen has created an 'EduCampNZ Takeaways' space on the VLN where attendees can name ONE thing they have learned that they can take back to their school, or place of work.


Lina said...

Good info here. Long time reader, first time poster....keep it up please!