Monday, 7 March 2011

Sites for creating comics and a new home for Ulearn11!

In this issue:
• Sites for creating comics
• New location for Ulearn 11

Sites for creating comics
Moira made a request for good sites for creating comics. This resulted in a flurry of recommendations, including; Kerpoof, Toondo, readwritethink interactive comic, superactioncomicmaker and makebeliefscomix
Suzie Vesper shared the following links: Comic Life is an excellent software application for creating comics. You can get information about this on the Software for Learning website I've also put together an educator's guide to Comic Life available here. You can also search Software for Learning for comics and it brings up three options.

Or you can also check Jaqui Sharp’s comic links on Delicious.

ULEARN11 is ON in the Energy Events Centre in Rotorua
From the Ulearn website: CORE Education is working hard to ensure Ulearn11 will continue as normal this year. We want to continue the momentum of past conferences ensuring that those strong networks created over the last 6 years of Ulearn Conferences continue.
Start planning your attendance. Check out all the details here.

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