Monday, 14 March 2011

ICTs and diversity, ideas for using Flip cameras and more!

In this issue:
• ICTs and Diversity
• Using Flip Cameras in the Classroom
• Christchurch Support Wiki
• NZATE/IFTE Conference Reminder

ICTs and Diversity
Phil inspired an interesting discussion about ICTs and Diversity when he made a request for idea for an upcoming article. Click here to check out the archives. Some highlights include:

From Suzie Vesper: There is a MoE project that could be of interest to you in relation to meeting the diverse needs of learners. We have set up a trial virtual school to support ESOL students from around the country. Students are put forward by their own schools and then become part of our online school working with virtual teachers and having access to course work in Moodle, live lessons in Adobe Connect, documents and eportfolios in Google Apps (including Teacher Dashboard) and collaborative, social spaces in ELGG. We are also bringing in other existing online tools such as Voicethread, Raz Kids and Study Ladder. Our focus is on how we can help support students using ICTs that have limited access to specialist teachers within their own schools. There are two of us that are eTeachers for the trial programme and it should be a very interesting year!

And from Fiona Grant: Some interesting considerations in Tiakiwai and Tiakiwai (link below) that emphasise the importance of context and relevance to the learner and their experience in selection and design of learning experiences, teachers knowing the learner and awareness of how our (the teacher's) cultural and social understandings impact on how we use and integrate ICTs.

A Literature Review focused on Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) and e-Learning in the Context of Te Reo Maori and Kaupapa Maori Education. Tiakiwai and Tiakiwai (2010)

Similar to Liz, we have also used the ELP Honeycomb to develop some shared principles identified as being key components of effective teaching for Pasifika learners (synthesised from Pasifika Education Plan, Teaching for Diverse Students in Schooling BES...) and similar with the Maori Potential Approach from Kahikitia to explore these ideas in this
eStory on Software for Learning.

Using Flip cameras in the classroom
A request came from Kerri Jopp for siigestions and ideas about using flip cameras in the class room. Two sites were recommended: a google doc with Many Ways to use Flips - contributed to by teachers around the globe and Kelly Faulkner shared a post from her blog. You might also like to check out the Google presentation 43 Interesting Ways to Use Your Pocket Video Camera in the Classroom

Christchurch Earthquake
As large numbers of Christchurch schools re-open this week, a reminder about the wiki set up by Marielle Lange where you can either offer help to those schools or seek help if you are in one of those schools. To date there are quite a few offers of help at the wiki where teachers may offer or request specific help – this could also include secondary. There is one page for "I can help" and another one for "I Need Help".

NZATE/IFTE Conference Reminder
This is the annual English conference this year, so start thinking internationally. Check out the conference site here.
Please note - The IFTE/NZATE "Much Ado About English" conference organising committee is happy to extend the early bird deadline for Christchurch schools/teachers until 15th March to allow more time for Christchurch schools and teachers to process their registrations in light of the Christchurch earthquake.

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