Monday, 7 February 2011

Safer Internet Day

Feb 8th  is Safer Internet Day!  
At the end of last year a  student asked me "Who's responsible for what  is on the internet?"   The answer to that question has certainly become easier to answer since the advent of Web2.0.  The answer is 'you and I'.  We define the internet by our contributions to it.  We make it a meaningful  and safe tool  by the way we use it. 
Here’s a two helpful bits from NetSafe’s  hub of cybersafety resources  designed to help teachers and students  create a 'safer internet'. 

Help students understand Booleen logic by showing them how booleen operators  can instantly change  search results.  

Microsoft has developed lessons plans and demonstrations to help young people develop critical thinking  about the validity of online information.   

Take the NetSafe Poll!
We’ve identified 5 videos on cyberbullying and internet safety produced by organisations around the globe. Each takes a different approach to delivering the message.
We’d really value your comments about who you see as the appropriate audience for these kinds of messages and if you think they spark some understanding with children and their parents.  
View the videos here


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