Monday, 28 February 2011

Christchurch Earthquake, Facebook, Blogger and more

In this issue:
• Christchurch Earthquake
• Using Facebook
• Blogger
• NZATE/IFTE Conference Reminder

Christchurch Earthquake
Our thoughts go out to all of those affected by Tuesday’s devastating earthquake and particularly to our fellow teachers from Christchurch who will, once again, play an incredibly important role as young people and their families try to achieve a sense of normality in the coming months - Kia Kaha! Make sure you check out one of the 101 English Blogs, the Motivating Ms M. post on Natural Disasters. Inspired by this momentous event, the post looks at ways we can encourage empathy in our students through writing activities. Make sure you check out the post and share your thoughts and ideas.

There have been several offers of help from teachers around the country to our colleagues in Christchurch. On literacy online, Marielle let the community know about this wiki where teachers may offer or request specific help – this could also include secondary. There is one page for "I can help" and another one for "I Need Help".

You can also join the Rise Up Christchurch Facebook page here.

Using Facebook
Simon Evans added a few more resources for teachers using Facebook with their students. Forgot the Facebook discussion on Software for Learning, Facebook in Education and Facebook/cybersafety on Educating the Dragon blog.

In response to an earlier blog discussion, Allanah provided some support for using blogger with this step by step what to do.

NZATE/IFTE Conference Reminder
Early bird registrations for the April IFTE Conference close in a week on 1 day international English teachers’ conference is a very reasonable $400. There is no annual English conference this year, so start thinking internationally.

Please note - The IFTE/NZATE "Much Ado About English" conference organising committee is happy to extend the early bird deadline for Christchurch schools/teachers until 15th March to allow more time for Christchurch schools and teachers to process their registrations in light of the Christchurch earthquake.

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