Saturday, 20 November 2010

Secondary English Teacher Blogs

It was great to hear about some of the ways that English teachers and departments are thinking about and are integrating ICT into their class and department practices.

After the Introduction to e-learning workshops at the SAATE (South Auckland Association of Teachers of English) PD day held on Friday, Chris from Aorere College shared their Dept website with me. Still developing content but you can see what they are doing here Aorere English Department.

Manurewa English teachers are experimenting with the new 'group' content of Facebook. After finding that the students were not that keen to use the school 'intranet' group pages were set up for some English classes. Students familiar with and already using Facebook were ready and willing to discuss there class texts there. Teachers also found that the their personal profiles were no longer of interest to the students!

What else is being done in Secondary English teachers out there.....

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