Tuesday, 19 October 2010

PLNs, Twitter, e-learning resources and more.....

One of the benefits of moving from the classroom last year into School Support Services is that I have had the time to 'look' around and discover some of the FAB resources, ideas and links that I have been following on my own Twitter PLN. The down side is that while I can share them all with teachers that I work with, I need to be back in a classroom in order to be able to use them with students myself !!!

Thought I'd take this opportunity to share some of the tools/activities/resources that I have bookmarked to use with an English class (when I get back into one!!!!).

A great resource for poetry techniques is Patterns of Poetry .

Shakespeare plays in a Wordle .

A couple of great links for writing around comic books and superheroes are Real life superheroes and Superhero Squad .

Fun writing starters at Shortest Book Titles , UK TwitterLit , 100 best first lines and Weird things banned at school

Pairing poetry with photos at Poetry Pairing .

A fun way to differentiate tasks The Differentiator

Fun with language learning at 11 longest words ... and with photos of famous people (US Presidents) !!

Discussion around books at Banned Books

Some interesting conversations around literature Complicated relationships and Book Covers

Great editing/adapting of films 40 film speeches in 2 minutes and Film tattoos

For those of you thinking that I'm not going for any 'high brow educational theory' here's a study and thesis site for Plath and movies for Gifted Students.

The thing is of course, that by the time I have finished this there will have been approximately 60+ tweets from the 60+ (I can't keep up with too many more) tweeters that I follow on twitter :o The joy of time and a mobile internet connection!

Alison Cleary
@The Invisible Teacher

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Mrs C said...

I have checked all the links - but you it goes in the world of the web - here today possibly gone tomorrow.....

Have fun with the resources :)