Monday, 18 October 2010

ICTs in English Weekly Update - Term 4 Week 1

Last Week on ICTs in English

There was a continuation of the discussion around the topic of ‘Using Twitter as a PLN’

There were several great recommendations:

From Simon Evans:

Software for Learning There is a full write up about twitter and some useful links on the Software for Learning website for teachers starting out.

From Tamara Yuill Proctor:

I have found Twitter a useful way to gather information/resources over the past couple of months. I did a collaborative paper where one of the tools I looked at was Twitter - a small section of this is posted on my blog if anyone wants to have a look.

From Fiona Grant:

A Twitteraholic's Guide to tweets, hashtags, and all things Twitter

by Sue Waters

And Allanah King:

This wiki of Twitter types may help you.

Other contributors also offered up their “Who I follow” lists for inspiration

Kelly Faulkner - @kiwispouse

Karen Melhuish - @virtuallykaren

And for those who can’t bring themselves to peruse twitter itself, I really like this software that allows you to read Twitter links of the people you follow as if it were a newspaper!

Here is my paper

You can even view twitter entries about a specific topic (posts identified with a specific keyword – referred to as a hash tag on Twitter). Here is one for #edtech

By using this, you could even follow topics from Twitter without even joining Twitter – but what fun would that be!?

This week I would love to hear from you about how you are integrating or combining software and websites for your students – do you combine Moodle and Google Docs, or wikis and blogs? What else?

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