Monday, 30 August 2010

ICTS in English Weekly Update - Week 6, Term 3 2010

Last week on ICTs in English:

I shared an "unintentional English Resource" in the form of The Sartorialist blog

and in turn Craig Martin shared another favourite - Open Culture

and Barbara Reid drew our attention to a great blog and a blogging challenge:

Chris Betcher has written an informative article on Resigning Learning Tasks where he talks about using blogging for writing and encouraging students to write.

If teachers are interested in using blogging as a platform for writing, there is blogging challenge just about to start. One for students here, and one for class blogs here.

The blogging challenge has many suggestions for writing and encourages participants to visit other blogs and leave comments and so helps to gain an audience.
This week I thought we might focus on some handy tutorials available online:

Above is a link to a Glogster tutorial which was highlighted on the 'Free Technology for Teachers' Blog.

Software for Learning is another great source of support:

What online tutorials have you been viewing lately??

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