Monday, 16 August 2010

ICTS in English Weekly Update - Week 4, Term 3 2010

Last week on the ICTs in English Forum:

Core’s Top 10 Trends for 2010
The following themes have been identified by CORE as trends in education that we imagine will impact on the work of teachers and leaders in early childhood centres, schools, and tertiary institutions in NZ in the coming year. While our focus is on the bigger picture of education, there is a focus on trends associated with the use of ICTs in education, reflecting the fact that we are living in a world where nearly everything we do has a digital dimension.

Fiona Grant updated us about Digistore:
Thanks to Claire for developing and sharing her latest Learning Path - Using a learning path to support the teaching and learning for close reading of a visual text ( A Secondary English example)

You are invited to share your Learning Paths through the Digistore wiki. Support information and further examples of Learning Paths can also be viewed on the wiki

Please contact either Rocky or Fiona
National Digital Content and Software Coordinators
Fiona Grant, Team Solutions, University of Auckland,, tel 09 623 8880
Rochelle Jensen, School Support Services, University of Waikato,, tel 07 577 5314

And Karen Melhuish shared some great ideas for teaching close reading or creation of visual text:
I like the way you can capture single images/shots (e.g. using a screen capture tool like Jing from a visual text online and drop them into Voicethread. Then students can work together to contribute thoughts on the effect of the shot. In groups, students could each take a role to frame their contribution to the voicethread e.g. one student explains the context, one identifies the technique, another explains how it works, and so on. This is a nice way to provide multiple readings of text at the higher levels, too.

And, for creating visual text, capturing different types of shots (interpreting a written text) on mobile phones, then repeating the voicethread approach works well to make the link between making and creating meaning.

Other news

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I will be posting all of the ICTs in English weekly updates (Including all past updates from 2010) on the ICTs in English NZ blog.
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