Wednesday, 10 February 2010

ICT in English List Serv is back!

The ICT in English list serv, that gave rise to this blog back in June 2007, is back!

The community will be facilitated by Phil Coogan and you are invited to "introduce yourself, share what you are doing – or would like to be doing – with ICTs approaches to e-learning in your English/literacy programmes". I recommend that at the very minimum you subscribe to the list...lurking in these communities
is good! There are also lots of opportunities to contribute through the list and the blog when you are feeling inspired, need answers or want to make connections.

To join the list

1. Visit:
2. Select which of the above 6 communities you wish to subscribe to (you can subscribe to as many as you like)
3. Enter your name and email address in the box
4. Press “Subscribe”
5.Check your email inbox for a welcome email
6. Start sharing ideas, requesting help and resources and establishing professional relationships with your English/ESOL/Literacy colleagues

Attribution: Image: 'envelope'

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