Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Room 12 and 13 @ Pt England School

I teach a Year 4 class at Pt England School and my digital story telling project is part of the Manaiakalani EHSAS cluster. It's purpose is to raise student literacy achievement through engaging students in digital storytelling, and providing an authentic audience for their work.
I am up and running for my second year, integrating eLearning into literacy. Check out our class blog. The idea is to publish each literacy groups' learning online where they can be seen, and be able to see themselves, and reflect on their work.
Most of our digital stories are animated movies with voice overs. This example was around a group's Learning Intention of being able to identify and discuss and show imagery in poetry.

The Manaiakalani Project is being researched to follow the achievement and engagement of target students. The exciting news is that as well as keeping me motivated, interim findings have shown that last year children made better than expected progress in standardised testing.
Go Manaiakalani!

Juanita Garden
Pt England School


Fiona Grant said...

Hi Juanita, thanks for sharing and congrats on the results. Can you identify what specific changes you have made in your practice that have had the most impact on students.

Juanita Garden said...

Hi Fiona,
I have been thinking about your question, and I think my student teacher who is on control in my class at the moment has pin pointed the for me this afternoon.
I had taken on the setting up and monitoring of digital learning objects for the children and related this to our topic for the term. This was so she could just get on with Literacy teaching and not have to manage all the groups having an eLearning component in literacy as well, now that she is on full control.
But this was part of her reflection on taking the literacy groups this last week "But it doesn't work, now that you have taken eLearning out of literacy the children just think they are here to do reading. I can't teach them so easily because they aren't so motivated now."
So I am going back to relating their tasks to the texts the student is guiding them through in teaching sessions.
In other words its the motivation - eLearning has been a hook which has meant more engagement and better results.