Thursday, 19 June 2008

twitxr sounds like 'twitcha'

Posted about twitter here last year when I added the TwitterLit widget to the sidebar of this blog. Have found twitter can be useful when I need help with something quickly. I also pick up alot of handy tips and links from the community 'tweets'. So for my immediate learning some definite advantages. I could also see the possibilities of using it as a collaborative tool to support a groups working on a project as accounts can also be set up as a private community.
Extending on this idea a link from Lenva led me to twitxr sounds like 'twitcha'...a variation on twitter using pictures. I am liking its potential as you can upload pictures from your phone capitalising on the 'moment'... now I just need an iPhone ;-)

Also had been looking at Nixit's A day in a year in a life project and thinking how twitxr could be utilised in similar ways. Nicki tells me she had been envisaging this idea used as a photo diary so twitxr would be a useful alternative especially with the phone upload. Also images and comments can be posted from anywhere and individual twitxr widgets inserted on any collaborative online spaces.

More twitter stuff here...have a look at Haiku-Tue: All Haiku, All Tuesday ( Thanks Summerland tweets)


nix said...

Thanks for the link Fiona. It does take a bit of discipline to take photos every day - and it's very annoying when they end up blurred like today :). It's good fun though!

I like the look of Haiku-Tue as well - will try and get my brain going!

Mrs C said...

Hiya Fiona

I've tried adding a couple of videos sourced from Youtube about 21st centuryteachers/kids/literacy.. on a post but had trouble embedding the codes ..any thoughts