Monday, 3 December 2007

Blogs in Plain English

Finally it is here... the long awaited Commoncraft video "Blogs in Plain English".

I have been hanging out, eager to find out how it would be presented and keen to also use it in any presentations or with professional development I do with teachers.

So what's the big deal about blogs???
Watch and enjoy....
(video embedded below)

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M. Le Gac said...

Hi Rachel, thanks for the tip. Will put it on our Intranet Library pages tomorrow ! I am building a little collection of videos from You Tube and Teacher Tube about RSS / Del Icio Us / Wikis and Blogs.

Fiona Grant said...

Hi Rachel, Thanks I was wondering when they would create this. Like Magalie I have found the online videos an excellent resource to use with both teachers and students. My video collection has started to grow so I have tagged my tags in and found this works well especially if I want to share a group of videos online or email.

M. Le Gac said...

I also use for school, collecting websites and displaying my tag cloud on our intranet so staff can click on the tag and go to my page(WellcolLibrary).

Fiona Grant said...

Yes I agree , Magalie, it does make sharing your links that much easier.

For those of you who want to add your Tag Roll from to your blog or wiki as described...

Make sure you are logged into your and then go to the link below and copy and paste the code created. I have added a Tag Cloud from my into the sidebar of this blog as an example.

Judi K said...

I wonder if you blogging librarians would be interested at all in completing a brief online survey? I'm an MLIS student currently research library blogs and would welcome feedback. If interested the link to my survey is on my blog page. Many thanks in advance.

Mrs C said...

Hi Fiona

Happy New Year

I've changed the URL of the library blog from Mrs C's.... to

Not sure how to change it on your blogroll???

Thanks and looking forward to discussions this year.


Fiona Grant said...

Hi Alison,
Happy New Year to you too. Have updated your library link, thanks. Looking forward to 2008 as well.