Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Learning at School 08

I have been asked to present a workshop at learning at schools to represent our cluster - we are going into our third year. I am working with someone else and we have been throwing round some ideas today. We thought we would give participants a quick look at blogging in the classroom, using wikis and skype and skrbl.. I know this sounds like a lot but we have created a wiki which has links to examples of and instructions for each of these. Would give about half an hour for each... In the submission we have called our workshop "Using Web 2.0 tools to enhance Key Competencies" We thought that throughout our workshop people could be discussing how each of these tools contribute to the development of Key Competencies. Also that participants could be contributing to the wiki throughout it. How does this sound?


Marnie Thomas said...

I think it is a great title. Fancy running into you in cyberspace Sally! ;-)

Fiona Grant said...

Hi Sally, I agree it is a good idea to include examples and provide teachers with opportunities to explore how they relate to the Key Competencies. If you were at uLearn this year I would recommend you download Rosemary Hipkins presentation, "What can the key competencies contribute to assessment for learning?" ...demonstrates the possibilities of eLearning strategies to support inquiry and assessment for learning.
Also feedback on the wiki will enable participants to share ideas and revisit, well done...see you there.

Mrs C said...

I've just started experimenting using wikis to carry out research with a Yr 10 class that I have just taken over.

The focus is on music (hopefully to engage them) and they have to build their own wiki page on the style they have chosen.

They are very aware that this is a very new task for me and that we learn as we go, They can work co operatively or independently.

I think that covers a number of the key competencies!

You can see my initial page here - I'll add some student links when they are set up.

Sally Kent said...

Thanks for letting me use your class blog Marnie, I am using Edith's too. I preferred seeing you for breakfast the other week though :-)

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately I wasn't at Ulearn so I can't access that presentation.
Thanks for the link to the wiki. The more examples I can see across year levels and curriculum areas the better.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sally,

Sounds great. I recently had to do a similar workshop on 'English and Web 2.0', gathering together evidence of Web 2.0 tools, some examples from around NZ and ways they could be used, with the Curriculum as a lens.

The powerpoint can be accessed from my blog [] - go to the post on HoD Day 007.

Karen M