Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The Rise of Web 2.0

TeacherTube can be a great resource as well to introduce students to Web 2.0. (blogging, widgets, publishing,etc...)
Here is a video by a NZ teacher:


Rachel Boyd said...

Yes, this is a great presentation made by Suzie who is the ICT facilitator from the Petone Foreshore.

My class is also proud to star as examples too :)

Teacher Tube, indeed, does have a wealth of valuable information... what's better than free PD anywhere, anytime ;)

Fiona Grant said...

Also take a look at Allanah's contribution to the Learning 2.0 conference. (Allanah shared her bling4yrblog with us last month) and reflects here on the variety of ways she is exploring the use of the read/write web with her students.

Korero Pt England said...

Teacher Tube does have some great great stuff on it - all we need is more time in the day to explore it all :)
So thanks for pointing us to this presentation of Suzie's. It is a very clear and user-friendly explanation of Web2. I expect lots of people will be signing up for her workshop at ULearn after seeing that.

Dorothy Burt