Thursday, 20 September 2007

Adding files to your blog.

Have been asked about uploading document files to blogger. Here are some suggestions, would welcome tips from you too please.

I typically load files to my wiki rather than the blog and just include links to the wiki page. For example, see Teacher Resources on this wiki page, includes Slideshare files and PDFs that can be downloaded allows you to upload files and create code that places a widget on your blog from which you can share files. See an example of this on Rocky's blog.

I have a preference for Slideshare. Upload a PDF to your free slideshare account. There are options for a url link to your file or copy the code and paste into your blog or wiki. You are also able to upload PowerPoints.
If you are using Keynote on the Mac just save as a PDF first.

Also recommend you save PowerPoints as PDFs too before uploading as it reduces the file size. For example, here is a link to one of my posts where I have included a PDF that has been uploaded to Slideshare. The file can be viewed from the blog or click through to Slideshare to download.

More suggestions from Allanah's Bling4yrBlog Allowing a pdf type download from the Blog

Then you could always forget about creating files on your computer and go straight to online documents. Have tagged a selection of options in My


Mrs C said...

Thanks Fiona - I hope to get onto this in the hols !
Another question - how do I add an RSS to my page? Hope it's OK to ask all these questions here!!

Fiona Grant said...

Hi Alison, this is the best place to ask these questions ;-) Hopefully we can draw on everyones knowledge and experiences by using the online forum.
As with the 'adding files' question I will answer this as a post as it lends itself to the RSS and aggregators area that I had planned to explore when the time seemed right. Will do this over the next couple for days for you.

Mrs C said...

Another Q. Fiona!

I notice you have a list of the tags for each post on the blog. How is this done?

You might like to have a look at our Dept blog -


Fiona Grant said...

Hi Alison,
The list of labels is one of the page elements you can add to the sidebar in the layout. See
scroll down to 'Labels' sub heading

Add this page element to your sidebar then whenever you add a label to the post it will appear in the sidebar with the label title and the number of posts. Some teachers also use this as a quick way to view posts by individual students.

Thanks for sharing your English blog I have added to the blogroll.