Saturday, 1 September 2007

Wikis and podcasting

English will never be the same.

I am inspired by the great ideas on this blog, and can't wait to try a few out.

In the meantime I thought I will share with you a very successful experience.

I took a group of reluctant writers aged 12-13, and talked to them about wikis and collaborative writing. They got quite excited by and so formed themselves into 3 groups and proceded to write a collaborative story.
They met physically about 2 times a week to discuss plot, characters, etc., but most of the discussions took place on the wiki in out of school hours.
These writers got absolutely involved in their story and are so, so proud of their efforts.
In the words of one '...the only thing I have ever succeeded in at school', and she is now Y8!
They didn't want to stop with just writing a story, so now they are in the process of recording each story chapter and podcasting them.

You can read their stories on their collaborative tales wiki and listen to their podcasts.
The Last Resort - Lost at War - The Hynotiser
These are still in progress so come back and visit in a few weeks for the next update.

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Fiona Grant said...

Thanks for sharing these Lenva I am going to forward them to some students in my cluster who have been participating in the Writers' Window Continuous Stories in English Online. They have enjoyed it so much that are just starting to use a wiki to create their own continuous story. Your students' work will be wonderful for them to read too...will visit regularly myself ;-)