Saturday, 18 August 2007

Library Blogs

Has anyone got a library community set up around a blog? I've come across a few articles that suggest this is a way to get kids interest in libraries re-kindled...I'm not sure..?

I've started a fairly basic one for my school library -
Mrs C's Library Blog - and will wait to see how it goes.


Lynne Crowe said...

I have tagged you blog in my class account as it looks to be a useful source of new books for the many avid readers I have. I teach an accelerate class of Year 7 and 8 students at Te Awamutu Intermediate. My students started their own blogs this year and have been posting book reviews, English work and occasional current events writings.
Thanks for the link.

Mrs C said...

That's great Lynne!!

I look forward to hearing from them.

Fiona Grant said...

What a great way to use a blog Alison. Would it be useful to have label each book entry and have the labels appear in the side bar? Readers could then pull up a list of books by say an author's name or genre. Similar to what we have with this blog under 'view posts by topic'.