Monday, 11 June 2007

What is a wiki

Hi Jeremy,
I use a wiki to supplement my blog. For example I will create my post keeping it short and to the point. If there is more, I add links through to the wiki where I include detailed information, post documents and slideshows etc that can be read or downloaded. A wiki is also a great area for groups of people to collaborate on a project, explained nicely here by the authors of 'Wikis in Plain English'.


Alan said...

We've experimented with a blog (myspace) and wikis ( ) as a means of sharing material for year 13 Media Studies this year. The myspace blog did attract some student interaction on a superficial level.
The wiki has become a sort of online textbook and sources of recommended readings but, at the moment, is a passive acceptance point by students. Perhaps because of the nature of its content and focus rather than anything else. I'm contemplating "forcing" interaction by conducting an online lesson using the space using the computer lab to see if it improves "discussion."

Lulu said...

Firstly, thanks Fiona for finally clarifying for me in video form what a wiki actually is, the blinkers have been removed. It is a real privilege to be invited into this space. I am only a beginning teacher of English.

Alan I was interested to read about your experiences. I have real difficulties seeing a place for myspace in the curriculum because of that superficial level interaction you talked about. It is very much a social networking site.

Keep us posted about how "forcing" more meaningful interaction pans out. It is something that I asked my students last week while keeping in mind what the book Wikinomics says about how successful people build vibrant communities. How do we build vibrant communities of bloggers or wiki contributors on a level more deep and profound than myspace while using their successful model. Can we? The students didn't have an answer. It's definitely food for thought.

As for wikis and the video I just saw this would be a great place to work on collaborative projects. I'll have to think some more but I am definitely inspired. Thanks team!

Fiona Grant said...

Hi Lulu, there are more 'Plain English' videos on the Commoncraft website that you might find useful.