Monday, 11 June 2007

Students Blogging

I would like to invite any teachers who are blogging with their students to share how they have set their blog up and include recommendations on how to approach this.

I would like to start with examples by teachers who have set up a class blog. In the examples below the teacher is the actual registered author. For the students to contribute the teacher logs in and the student posts. In the 'create post' area there is a field where you can include labels so you can view all posts by labels, in the blog. Each time a student posts they include their name in the 'labels for this post' field. This creates a list of student names which can be clicked on individually to view their posts - easy for parents and teachers to locate and comment on posts by individual students.

I have included the same feature in this blog but have used topics as labels rather than student names. Labels can be added as a page element by clicking the template tab. This strategy is easy to set up and monitor by the teacher as students are not registered as individual authors. I believe this strategy can be a useful for teachers who are starting to explore blogging with their students.

This option has been used by teachers in the following blogs. See the element 'View Posts By Students' in the side bars of the blogs. Thanks to Leanne and Rachel for these examples.
Room 9 Centrals Blog
Room 9's Writing Spot
Room 14 Sunnybrae Normal School


alice said...

Thanks Fiona,
This is just what I needed to get started.

Mrs C said...

Thanks Fiona.

I have started a blog with my Yr 12's to use as a reflective journal. All comments are moderated by mean and the students can post anon.

I have taken the class into a computer suite for them to post comments at the end of a unit. I wll also take themin at the beginning of the next unit to do pre-reading tasks.

The link is

I'm not sure how to load this on this blog.


Fiona Grant said...

Thanks for sharing Alison...I have added your blog to our blog roll. Look forward to hearing more about how this works for you with older students.

Ruth T said...

Kia ora Fiona and contributing teachers. I am interested in the idea of teacher as author with students contributing presumably taking turns on one machine set up in class?

I work in a secondary school, where this could conceivably occur, but am thinking that students as authors, or a 'team' blog may be more suitable. I would welcome comments. I am wondering how Mrs C has organised her blog.

Ruth T

Phil said...

Thanks for the initiative Fiona - looking forward to seeing how this develops.


pauline said...

This is the first time I have used a blog so am very interested to know how it might work as a reflective journal with Yr 1 and 2 students.

Mrs C said...

Ruth - the blog is set up so that only I can make posts, but anyone can comment. The comments have to be approved by me before they are posted to the blog.
When I have had the whole class in the computer room, I use one computer to approve comments. It was a bit frantic, but meant the comments were posted pretty soon after the kids made them.